Frequently Asked Questions And Recording Tips Prior To Your Studio Sessions:


Do You House Instruments Available?

Yes, There Are Numerous Instruments Available To Clients During Their Sessions. (See Full List Here)


Do You Have A Drum Set Available?

Unfortunately, We've Done Away With Having A House Kit Available. We Do Have Various Snares and Hardware But Please Contact Us In Regards To Needing Drums For A Session.


What Are Your Hours?

We Are Open 7 Days A Week! Usually Time Restrictions Are Only Due To Other Sessions Previously Booked When Inquiring For A Session.


Do You Store My Session Files After It Is Complete?

We Do Hold On To Files In Our Backup Drives. Sometimes Many Years Later Systems Change Or Drives Fail But We Will For Sure Keep Your Files Available For A Year From Completion. ( Fees May Apply Depending The Request)


Recording Tips:




Having A Copy Of Your Lyrics On Your Phone Or Printed Out Helps! (Don't Forget Device Chargers!)

A Prepared Vocal Gets Recorded Confidently and Mixes Well. A Freshly Written Idea Can Lead To Uncertainty When Tracking Hence Mixing Poorly and Weak. Do Your Best To Prepare For This and Never Hesitate To Allow For Some Listening Time After A Vocal Session And Plan For A Makeup Session In Advance.

Familiarizing Yourself With The Key Of The Song Your Singing and Rehearsing The Scales With A Guitarist Or An App That Plays Note Scales Will Benefit You So Much!

Having A Few Tone References For Mixing Is Always A Great Thing Provided The Examples Given Are Relevant To Your Tone, Genre, and Tempo.




Having New Batter Heads Is So Important! Mixing Time Will Cost More and Sound Worse! Dont Skip!

If Your Cymbals Are Horrible, Try To Borrow Some ! Broken Cymbals Have No Future Here.

Metronome: Very Important Depending The Genre and Recording Style You Plan To Record

There Are Various Free Apps Available To You! Don't Wait To The Last Minute.

It Pays To Map Out Your Parts! Knowing Your Parts With and Without Vocals And Knowing 

Where Specific Fills Go For Consistency Can Really Save A Drum Session Sometimes!




Getting Your Guitar Setup and Checking It's Intonation Is So Important. I Can't Stress This Enough!

Be Prepared With New and Extra Strings, Working Cables, and Fresh 9v Batteries ( Pedals and Pickups)

Prepping Leads Is Always Important For Saving Time ! All Open To Experiments, But Experiment Time Usually Gets Lost When The Main Leads Are Being Improvised!

Tone References To Your Songs That Match Tuning and Tempos Tend To Work Out Much Better Than Examples Of Songs You Don't Sound Like.




New String On! I Can't Stress This Enough Unless A Flat Tone Is Desired Intentionally!

Don't Turn Your Volume Down At Practice And Come Here And Hack Your Tracks...