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Control Room:

Audient Zen Recording Console                           Lynx Aurora Converters

Focal Twin and Sub 6 Monitor System                     Samplitude Pro x Suite 3 / Pro Tools 12 / Studio One 3

Furman Headphone Distribution Systems                   Avalon U5 Direct Box

Little Labs Red Eye 3d Di Box                           




Neve 1073 Dual Pre         Avalon 737 Channel Strip (Babyface Moded)    Manley Vari - Mu Mastering Limiter

Kush Audio Tweaker         Universal Audio Twin 1176                    Lexicon Verb / Delay



Endless Plugins and Virtual Instruments ! We use Products From Waves, Universal Audio, Kush Audio, Sonnox, JST, Slate Digital, Magix, and Many More

** Additional Editing and Virtual Instrument Software includes Melodyne 4, Revoice 3, Drumatom, Komplete 10. Kontact 5, SSD 4, 808 Warfare, The Drumforge and many more.



Neumann TLM 103     Neumann TLM 192      AKG 414      Audio Technia 4040     Miktek C5 (Stereo Pair)

Shure SM 57 (x4)    AKG D112 (x2)       Sennheiser 421 MD (x2)     Shure Beta 57     Sennheiser e906

SE Z5600 Tube       Royer R121        Various Dynamic Mics


Instruments / Amplifiers:

Snares:   Mapex Maple 14 x 5          Mapex Black Panther 13 x 6     Pork Pie Bob 14 x 6    Ludwig Marching 14 x 10

PDP Drum Kit Available Upon Request as well as other rental options please CALL US PRIOR!

Guitars: Paul Reed Smith Custom 24     LTD Viper 24 (EMG 81/85)     Danelectro Thin Line 22    (various pedals avail)

Bass:    Ibanez SG 4     Sansamp Bass Driver

Amps:    Kemper Profiling Amplifier    ENGL Savage 120     Marshall JCM 800   


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